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Farm Tuff® — What does it mean to you?

You may not recognize our new service mark on the front cover, but we think it will become familiar quickly. We bet you already know what it means to you and your operation. And surely you can identify with the way the hands look on our homepage. To help recognize the resolve and fortitude it takes to be successful at farming we are launching Farm Tuff®. Let us explain…

Baker Abilene Machine understands the unique challenges you face daily. We know there is “tough”, but there is also “farm tough.” Farm tough represents the determination that says this can be done and here’s how – and then you do it.

When we use the designation Farm Tuff® you will know what it means and represents for your parts purchases. We also want you to have the confidence that our parts are made by people who know what your face, what you need and what you expect to meet Farm Tuff® challenges.

Over the coming months you will see the Farm Tuff® designation on everything from FFA t-shirts to packing slips with your order. And when someone tries to tell you their parts are tough, just smile to yourself and think, “Yeh, but are they Farm Tuff®?”